3 Things I Learnt From The Worst Boss Ever

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In 2011, I was a founding employee at what is now the country’s largest e-commerce startup and B2B seller of adult fashion & accessories (the keyword here being adult). In India, the laws governing this “industry” are outdated and painfully convoluted. Depending on which lawyer you ask, it is a legal grey area at best and Crime Report headliner at worst.

But the position on offer was worth the risk. Not only was my job profoundly fascinating and multifaceted, but I knew from the onset that this was a company to watch, a rare breed of cutting edge innovation and the sales figures to back it. All my responsibilities were carved from – and indeed, the job was a stepping stone to – the work-profile of a CEO.

So Why Did It Go South?

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When David Sued Goliath: An Underdog’s Tale

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

– M. K. Gandhi.


The Promise:

In 2012, still in my first year of college, I submitted an almost brand new Xperia U smartphone to Sony for repairs. The screen was dead but still ringing for incoming calls. Sony took the phone and vowed to repair or replace it free of cost, under warranty, within 2 weeks.

The Renege:

Three weeks later with no update, I called Sony only to find out that repairs would cost ₹13,000. Roughly 80% of the price of my phone. Yikes.

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